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"Give Your Best Effort

Grow Yourself Beyond Expectations"


Gybe is a sailing term that describes a maneuver changing direction while still maintaining course toward your destination.

Recovery is very similar to sailboat racing in that each person "sails" a different course to arrive at the same destination.

It's my job to support your recovery in whatever way works for YOU!

about me

I'm an executive recovery coach, certified and trained by CCAR (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery).


Through advanced training and time in the field, I have also achieved the RCP (Recovery Coach Professional) designation.


My background as a former tech company owner, financial planner and bank president gives me a unique perspective on recovery at the executive level and how to get there.


You are seeking recovery but have no idea where to start.

You have tried numerous different methods and still failed to find recovery.

You are a successful problem solver but can't seem to solve YOU.

You are ready to live life an easier way.

You are ready to find peace.

You are ready to recover.

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