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The Thawing Man:
A Heartwarming Journey From Active Addiction to Long-Term Recovery | Third Edition

This is not a "self help" book.

This is a "you are not alone, I've got you" book.

This book was written real-time as the author moved from active addiction to long-term recovery. This account takes you through the lie about a terminal disease that took him to the brink of suicide to become an advocate for those suffering from addiction.

The book is written in a conversational style that will have you feeling like you have been friends with the author for years. You become part of his journey, and in turn, you become part of the solution and understanding we are all searching for.

The blog that blossomed into this book was written as the events in the author's life unfolded. You will feel the fear, the guilt, and the shame, as well as the freeing surrender that allowed for the healing that we all seek.

This journey is about the author's triumph over addiction to alcohol, but the pages apply to so many others suffering from the condition we refer to as "life." He addresses not only those that suffer from addiction but those that live with and love them.

We live in challenging times with immense amounts of pressure to be "perfect" and succeed at all costs. This book uses personal tragedy and triumphs to say, "You are flawed, and your flaws make me love you more!" The author believes your strength lies in your vulnerability, and once you embrace it, you will be unstoppable.

The writing style is initially a bit rough but smooths out as the book winds on. It is a graphic representation of how decades of untreated depression, anxiety and alcoholism freeze out feelings and abilities, but that healing, and recovery, truly does happen.

The Third Edition was written because we need to know that our story continues.

There is hope and plenty of it.

There are ice-cold tears in this book, but they all begin to melt as the man begins to thaw. 

A book that's changed so many lives...

We now offer a variety of ways to absorb, "The Thawing Man" or to gift it to someone who needs to hear a word of encouragement in their deepest time of need. 


259 Pages | 6"x 9"


Kindle E-Book

275 Pages | Page Flip Enabled



Over Five Hours!!! | Audible

Narrated by Author, Derek Chowen

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I stopped and took the shot... and they liked it!

So Helpful!

I'm reading your book now, someone in my life is turning things around and I have found your book so helpful in understanding them at this beginning stage for sobriety. Thanks for helping me to see him through a different lens!


Instagram follower

Thankful You Opened My Eyes

I just finished reading your awesome book: The Thawing Man, for a better understanding of my good friend. Your insight into yourself describes my friend. I am ever thankful to you for opening my eyes to the destructive nature of alcoholism. Keep up your good work! You are a good man!!!

Joy Rhoades

Facebook follower

Addict or Not, Everyone will love this book!

You know you hit rock bottom when you fake a terminal illness. Rare is a man that can muster the courage for such a soul- baring confession, his ego completely surrenders to his heart. The author cunningly understates his writing abilities while he over-delivers and blows you away with his self-effacing honesty. Addict or not, everyone will enjoy this book.

Vito Perrotti

Amazon Reviewer

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