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Thank you for spending some time with me here on my site! I will continue to listen to you and make this place more fun to visit as well as more useful.

We all have limited "free" time so I will keep working to respect that valuable resource and turn it from time spent to time invested.

Please keep sending suggestions on how I can make this site better!


My Story

I was born and raised in Northern Michigan. The Great Lakes have a magnetic pull that I just can't seem to break. Childhood on Lake Huron, college on Lake Superior and most of my adulthood on Lake Michigan. Now, as I start my next chapter, I find myself back on the lake where it all began. So much has happened in between!

Married and divorced. Top of the corporate ladder to homeless drunk and back. I've seen and done more than my fair share to say the least.

Yacht racer, race car driver, harmonica player, business owner, author, public speaker, recovery coach and most importantly, friend. Regardless of the pursuit, I want to succeed. What have I gleaned from my successes as well as my failures? Not ONE of my pursuits would have been successful without a good team of people supporting me. How many of my failures could I have avoided had I just asked for help? Most. That's why I'm here.

My life experiences combined with professional training and a dash of interest in all things has uniquely positioned me to help YOU. If you are struggling with living life on life's terms, please get in touch. Let's get you that next success!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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