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Here are the current and upcoming books in the library.

In this third and final edition, the author expands on the journey from active addiction to long-term recovery even further to include living life on life's terms.

Lessons learned "in the rooms" are applied to everyday life as experienced by everyday people, encouraging them to, "Stop and take the shot."

"We are all recovering from something", says Chowen. "Whether is be addiction, physical or mental trauma, loss of a job or a loved one, etc., the journey to recovery is a winding but worthwhile one."

"Building a solid foundation of self while allowing others the grace to do the same makes for an easier life for all involved. My goal with this book is to demonstrate that we are all fighting something but there is hope and lots of it."

This companion piece to "The Thawing Man" book provides prompts to help you on the road to discovering hope and happiness. This guided journal is a compilation of questions, prompts and suggestions that are carefully worded to help you self-discover some of the answers you have been seeking for way too long. This journal is designed to help everyone as the desire for hope and happiness is universal to all humans.


This book is a compilation of carefully chosen photos and accompanying stories that demonstrate the concept of sight vs vision. We "see" things all day, every day. The question is, how often do we take the time and use our "vision" to go deeper. The answer will be revealed by the end of this book.

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